Debating Curtain colors

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I have been preaching through the Gospel of John on Sunday mornings. One of the main reasons why I have chosen this book is that I want the members at The Bridge to get a clear picture of Jesus. There are times where Christianity can become complicated by debates. Having been a Religious Studies major from U.C. Berkeley, I have often been surrounded by debates. Is Christianity simply a cocktail mix of Greek philosophy and Judaism? Is the Trinity simply a product of the evolutionary development of polytheism to monotheism?


Sadly, this “academic” spirit of debate has infected Christians themselves. Who is right in the predestination and free will debate? What about the evolution and creationism debate? Should Christians be Democrats or Republicans? Looking in from the outside, people may think that Christianity is very complicated and that there are no clear answers. But Christianity does not have to be complicated. In fact it is very simple. It is all about Jesus.

Jesus is the foundation of Christianity. He is the cornerstone on which the house of Christianity stands or falls. Jesus did not come to earth to promote a certain political agenda or to settle an obscure theological debate. Jesus did not come to fit into the categories we debate but to destroy the categories that exist in our minds. He came to show us that we do not need to speculate, guess, and argue about God. He came to redefine our understanding of power, significance, and truth. He came to show us a better way and that way is through him. As Jesus says in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

cracking foundation

Debating about Christianity apart from Jesus is like debating curtain colors without realizing that the foundation of your house is cracking. This is why I am teaching through the Gospel of John. I want every member at The Bridge to have tunnel vision on Jesus. Because once the foundation is settled, you can decorate your house however you like. But if that foundation is cracking, it doesn’t matter if you cover your windows with red curtains, blue curtains, or even with plantation shutters. Your house will fall apart if your foundation is cracking. So whether you believe or deny evolution, whether you are a Calvinist or an Arminianist, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican doesn’t really matter to me. I just want to make sure that your house is not falling apart. So if you are in need of some reinforcement for your foundation, visit us at The Bridge and we would love to talk to you about Jesus. And when you have the right foundation, maybe we can talk about curtain colors during lunch.

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