Do not Disbelieve, but Believe!

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What would it take for you to believe in a resurrection? For John, it was grave clothes without a body. For Mary, it was hearing Jesus say her name. For Thomas, it is seeing Jesus’ scars. However, Jesus says that we are blessed when we believe, even when we have not seen him. Come this Sunday to find out more as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 20:19–29.

Application Questions:

1. When we believe, we are given a new mission. The disciples locked themselves in a room because of fear, but Jesus called them to go out and share the gospel. How does it look to live this mission in your workplace? How does it look to live with this mission in your relationships? How can the Bridge live out this mission together?

2. When we believe, we are given a new authority. Are you ever afraid to speak with authority about God? Why are you afraid of telling a person they are free or enslaved to sin? How can we live knowing we can speak on behalf of God whenever we share the gospel?

3. Thomas thought he needed more evidence to believe. He knew Jesus was God, he just needed to believe in what he already knew. Can you relate with Thomas? Are there times when you think having more knowledge will help your faith? how does knowing that our perspective should focus on what we already know change the way we live out our faith?

4. Thomas needed a new foundation for faith. He needed to trust in God’s word and not on his senses. How would this translate in your life? How does it look to live trusting in God’s word rather than what you experience and see in life? How will this help when you don’t see results you like? How will this help when you don’t see any hope in your situation? How will this motivate you to pray?

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