Empowering Faith

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When Mary Magdalene came to Jesus’ tomb, little did she know that faith would be born, grow, and flourish that Sunday morning. Her tears of sorrow will transform to tears of joy and she will leave that tomb with a new purpose because of her newfound faith. Listen to find out more as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 20:11–18 on the power of faith.

Application Questions:

1. Faith empowers us to see Jesus. Has there been a point when your “eyes” have been open to the truth about God? What was it that brought about this turning point for you? What did you finally see that was standing in front of you for a long time?

2. Faith empowers us to surrender to Jesus. Mary had to let go of her past with Jesus in order to receive something better in the future from Jesus? Has there been a time when you had to surrender and walk by faith? Why is it so difficult to live by faith rather than sight?

3. Faith empowers us to share about Jesus. The purpose of faith is to share about Jesus and the power to share comes from faith. What has been holding you back from sharing your faith to others? How will faith get rid of the roadblocks that get in your way? List out the reasons why you are not sharing Christ and spend some time praying that you can live by faith and share despite these reasons.

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