Father’s love compels us

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1. In what ways do you see yourself as the prodigal? How has God’s love for you impressed, surprised, or even amazed you?

2. Can you recall a moment when you “came to your right mind” as the prodigal did when he was feeding pigs? How do you understand “repentance”? Has this parable informed your understanding of repentance in any way?
3. If we were to dig deep, would we find anyone or even any group that we have trouble seeing as deeply loved by the Father? In other words, is there anyone you struggle to see as loved like the prodigal?

4.Why do you think many struggle to see evangelism as a “joyful conversation”?
5. How does this thought affect your relationship to evangelism – “The prodigal is me, the prodigal is you, the prodigal is them.”?

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