God’s Heart: The Lost Coin

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Knowing the Father’s heart for the lost will motivate us to share our faith. So what do we see about the Father through a woman who lost her silver coin? Listen to find out as Pastor Andrew preaches from Luke 15:8–10

Application Questions:

1. Lost people are valuable to God. How do you appraise unbelievers in your life? Does it look similar to how the woman values her lost silver coin? What are some practical ways we can value the lost?

2. Lost people are powerless to save themselves. Why does it matter if the lost are powerless to save themselves? How does this affect our calling as the church to reach the lost? How does knowing we were powerless to save ourselves affect our interaction with unbelievers?

3. Lost people bring joy to God. We don’t have to witness, we get to witness. We are invited to witness and join the party with God. Do you ever find yourself motivated by guilt or obligation to witness? How can you change your attitude to have joy in witnessing? Why does our attitude towards witnessing matter?

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