God’s Heart: The Lost Sheep

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Knowing God’s heart for the lost will help us share our faith. So what do we see about the father through a shepherd who lost his sheep? Listen to find out as Pastor Andrew preaches from Luke 15:1-7.

Application Questions:

1. What does the shepherd’s urgency show us about the Father’s heart for the lost? Do you think this kind of urgency is excessive or appropriate? How should the Father’s urgency affect our interaction and attitude about witnessing to the lost? How can we have more of a sense of urgency in our lives?

2. God never gives up on you. If it is true that God never gives up on you, how does this truth affect your attitude towards God? your attitude towards unbelievers? How can we live with a type of persistence that will never give up on people in our lives?

3. Whenever a lost person comes to faith, God throws a party. We are left with two choices. Stand from a distance without engaging with the lost, like the Pharisees, or to join the shepherd in searching and seeking the lost. Why was it so difficult for the Pharisees to join the party with God? Why are we so reluctant to join the shepherd in searching for the lost? What can we do in order to join the party with God in celebrating the lost who are found?

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