God’s Heart: The Lost Son

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We all know the story. A son rebels from his father, loses everything, and then returns home. But is there more to this story? What do we see about the Father and ourselves from this story. Listen to find out as Pastor Andrew preaches from Luke 15:11–24.

Application Questions:

1. The prodigal desires independence from his father. The reason why people are lost is because they desire independence more than anything else. Why do you think independence is such an enticing idea? Have you ever lived your life independent from God?

2. The prodigal is destroyed because of his pursuit of independence. The prodigal thought he would have a happy ending, but his life ended in a pig pen. Why does a life of sin eventually lead to destruction? Do you think that your life would end up like the prodigal’s if you didn’t follow God? Why or why not? Are you ever tempted to live a life on your own terms?

3. The prodigal returns to the Father and receive honor, authority, and status. The Father completely forgives his son and doesn’t let him finish his apology. Does the father’s response to his son shock you? How does the Father’s response to your sin affect you?

4. Jesus is speaking to Pharisees and scribes who had a problem with sinners. How does knowing the Father’s heart in this story change the way we are to interact with others? Do you see yourself in the prodigal? Do you see others around you as prodigals? How would you approach them knowing the Father’s heart?

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