God’s Heart: The Other Lost Son

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We all know the story about the prodigal son. But what about the older son? The story is about a man who has two sons. How is the older son lost like his younger brother? What can we learn from him? Listen to find out as Pastor Andrew preaches from Luke 15:25–32.

Application Questions:
1. We saw through the older son that one can be lost in self-righteousness. One of the first signs of self-righteousness is the refusal to celebrate grace. Why is it so difficult for self-righteous people to celebrate grace? Do you think it was unfair of the father to throw a party for the younger son and not the older one? Have you ever been unwilling to celebrate God’s grace in other’s lives because you thought you deserved more?

2. Self-righteousness also refuses to acknowledge. The root problem for the older son is that he thought he deserved grace because he did not see the grace he has already received. Have there been times you think that God owes you more for following his rules? What’s the problem when a person does not acknowledge or recognize God’s grace in his or her life? How can we begin to live recognizing and appreciating God’s grace that has already been given to us?

3. Self-righteousness refuses to receive grace. The story ends with a cliffhanger. How does the older brother respond to the Father’s plea? What does this show us about why self-righteousness is so dangerous? How does it look to receive God’s grace and enter his party? What attitudes and thinking need to change in you to enter God’s party today?

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