The Father’s Heart

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The hero in the parable of the prodigal son is the father. He is the one who represents the Father’s heart. He is the one who responds with scandalous and shocking grace. The Father is the hero of the story and is also the hero of our lives. Listen to hear Pastor Andrew wrap up our witness series as he preaches on the Father’s heart from Luke 15:11—32

Application Questions:

1. The Father shockingly responded to his younger’s son shameful request by covering his shame and bringing shame upon himself. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to save face? Would you be shocked if your parents covered your shame by not saving face? Have you ever experienced this type of response before?

2. The Father shockingly responded to his younger’s son dishonor by restoring his honor and bringing dishonor upon himself. The Father ran and exposed his legs in order to reach his son before his son reached the village. Have you ever pictured God as a Father running to restore your honor? How does this picture of God affect the way you respond to him? Does this image shock you? why or why not?

3. The Father shockingly responded to his older son’s rebellion by offering him grace. Do you find the Father’s response to the older son as shocking as his response to his younger son? Has anybody responded to your pride and rebellion with grace? Have you ever experienced God’s grace in this way? How will this type of grace change the way you live and interact with others?

4. Forgiveness always requires a price for someone to pay. The Father paid for the younger son’s shame and dishonor while the older son chose to pay for his own actions. How have you responded to the cross of Christ? Which choice have you made? What is the motive for witnessing if the Father paid for your sin on the cross? How would this look in your life?

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