Jesus is in Control

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Judas has trapped Jesus in a corner with a Roman army. Jesus and his disciples have no where to run. It looks as if Judas has won and Jesus has lost. It seems as if Jesus has no power over his situation. But don’t be fooled by how this night seems. Make no mistake that Jesus is in control of this night. Come this Sunday to find out more as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 18:1–11.

Application Questions:

1. If Jesus is in control of this night, then he is in control of all your nights . Have you ever experienced a time when it seemed like God was absent in your life? How does knowing Jesus is in control of your nights help you?

2. Jesus is in control of this night, yet he is still arrested. Does your perception change on what it looks like when God is in control? Have you ever mistakenly thought that God was not in control because circumstances did not turn out the way you liked?

3. Jesus is in control of this night and is able to protect his disciples. Why is it important to know that Jesus uses his power to protect Peter and the other disciples? What does it look like to live knowing that Jesus is able to care for you because he is powerful enough to do so? Is it a struggle for you at times to believe that God is in control and cares for you at the same time?

4. Has there ever been a time you tried to take control of a situation like Peter? How did it turn out for you? What can you learn from Peter that will help you to respond differently to crisis in the future?

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