Jesus is our Provider

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Since the disciples didn’t see Jesus for a while, they decided to take matters into their own hands because they didn’t think Jesus would continue to provide for them. And in the process of providing for themselves, they neglected their calling and mission in life. Listen to find out how Jesus confronts his disciples as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 21:1–14.

Application Questions:

1. When the disciples decided to take matters into their own hands, they came up empty handed. Have you ever experienced a time when you tried to accomplish something with your own self efforts and it came up empty? Why do you think this is such an important lesson for us? Why should we not depend on our self effort? What is the issue with working for ourselves?

2. Jesus provides when we listen and obey his word. This means that God will never provide for us until we cooperate and willingly obey his word. Have you ever experienced a time when God provided for you? Share with your group how God provided and if he provided through your efforts.

3. Jesus provides in big and small ways. He provides for our major life decisions and our daily decisions. What does this tell us about Jesus? Will knowing this truth affect the way you view God?

4. Jesus provides so that we can focus on our mission. Jesus will provide the fish as long as we cast our nets. What is your mission? What does Jesus want us to do? How will knowing that he provides encourage us to be “fishers of men”? Share with your group why you are hesitant to live out your mission. Share how this truth will change the way you view your mission and how you will accomplish it.

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