Jesus Prays for His Own II

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There are certain requests Jesus offers to the Father so that his apostles can fulfill their mission. These requests are so important that the apostles echo these requests in their letters to the Church. So what are these requests? What does Jesus pray about for his apostles? What does Jesus continue to pray for His Church? Listen to Pastor Andrew as he preaches from John 17:11–19.

Application Questions:

1. Why is unity so important to Jesus? Do you think unity matters at church? Have you ever gone through an experience that showed you the importance of unity?

2. Why do you think Jesus prays for protection against Satan? How does Satan operate that makes him so dangerous? Do you agree that Satan attacks unity in the Church? why or why not?

3. Why do you think Jesus prays for protection against ourselves? What does it look like to be set apart from sin and with a purpose? What tool has God give us to sanctify ourselves? Look at versus 17–19 to find the sword we are given to fight against the self.

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