Jesus Prays for His Own

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It seems that the apostles are always messing up throughout the gospel of John. Yet, in his final night before the cross, Jesus prays for them. He prays that they will glorify him by continuing his mission. What can we learn about our savior through his prayer for his apostles? What can we learn about ourselves? Come this Sunday to find out as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 17:6–11.

Application Questions:

1. Jesus prays for his apostles because the Father chose them for him. Does it surprise you to know that God chose these apostles even though they were unimpressive? Have you ever felt like you were unqualified to be used by God? How does knowing that God uses the unqualified, like his apostles, for His kingdom affect the way you view yourselves? Does this truth affect the way you live out your Christian faith? How so?

2. Jesus prays for his apostles because they believed in him. Do you ever feel as if your faith is lacking? How to judge whether you have strong faith in Christ? What is it based on? How does knowing that God judges his apostle’s faith as sufficient, even though they fail, help you with your faith?

3. Jesus prays for his apostles to glorify him. How do you see your life glorifying God? In what ways can you show people the love and power of God? Is there anything holding you back from living the way you know you should? Does knowing Jesus prays for you to glorify help you? Why or why not?

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