Jesus Prays for Us

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Jesus concludes his high priestly prayer by praying for His Church. And there is only one thing on his mind concerning His Church: unity. What is the foundation of unity? How does unity look? And what is the purpose of unity? In order to find out come this Sunday as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 17:20–26.

Application Questions:

1. Do you see how identity impacts unity? What are some examples? Do you find yourself uniting with certain types of people? How does your unity inform your identity?

2. How have you pictured unity? If unity is not uniformity, then how should unity look? Are there any preferences or biases you have that might be pushing for uniformity rather than unity? Has your desire for uniformity hurt unity? If unity is not unanimity, then how should unity look? Do you ever find yourself wanting unanimity that it affects your unity with others?

3. The purpose of unity is for the world to believe and the Church to glorify. How does knowing the purpose to unity change your desire for unity at The Bridge? Do you agree that the world is looking for the Church to be united? Why or why not? How does unity glorify God?

4. How do we accomplish unity at The Bridge? What do we focus or purse after? How does the unity in an orchestra inform how we should pursue unity? How will this look in your daily life?

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