Living in Light of Our Failures

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Application Questions:

1. The first lesson Jesus teaches Peter is to look up to Christ in humility. How have you dealt with past sins in your life? Do you find yourself still carrying around the weight of guilt? Does your past prevent you from living obediently to God’s call in your life? How does this lesson about humility help you to move beyond your failures?

2. The second lesson Jesus teaches Peter is to look forward to Christ and walk faithfully. Have you thought about your Christian walk as surrendering your life, even to the point of death? Why is it so difficult for us to surrender everything and follow Christ faithfully? What will help us to look beyond our circumstances in order to follow Christ?

3. The final lesson Jesus teaches Peter is to no look around to others in comparison. When we compare ourselves with others it either leaders to bitterness or pride. Why is it so important to not compare our situations with others? Why do you think Jesus emphasizes the need for us to not compare in order to fulfill our mission in life? Have you ever compared your situation with others? Did it lead you to bitterness or pride? Share how applying this lesson will look in your life specifically.

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