What is truth?

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What is truth? Is it something we decide? Is it whatever works for us? Can we say that there is something that is absolutely true? Depending on how we answer the question of truth will determine our eternal destiny. Listen to find out more as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 12:28–38.

Application Questions:

1. Jesus came to die on a cross. Why is this truth significant for your life? Does this truth inform who you are and conform how you are to live? How does so?

2. Jesus came as the king of truth. Why does it matter that Jesus’ kingdom is not from this world? Does this truth about Jesus change the way you view your own life and purpose? Does knowing the truth about Jesus’ identity affect your daily life? Why or why not?

3. Truth does not come from us. Do you agree with that statement? Have you found yourself at times finding and creating your own truth? Why is knowing that truth is outside of ourselves liberate us?

4. Truth is found in Christ. How do you usually judge yourself? What role does Jesus and His word play in seeing who you really are? Have you experienced a time when you drew closer to Christ that you actually began to know yourself better? Explain and share.

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