When Fear Turns to Love

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Has there ever been a relationship you were ashamed about?When John records Jesus’ burial, we see that God uses two very unlikely men. These two men were afraid of exposing their relationship with Jesus, but everything changed when Jesus died. Listen to find out more as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 19:38–42

Application Questions:

1. Do you have any fears about sharing your faith? Is there anything holding you back from letting people know about your relationship with Jesus? What are you fears? Why do you have this fear?

2. When Joseph and Nicodemus surrendered everything, it was because they saw Jesus as more valuable then anything in their lives. What are some things in your life that you are struggling to surrender to Jesus? Why are these things so important to you? Do you think it is necessary for you to surrender them in order to fully follow Jesus?

3. The cross transformed Joseph and Nicodemus from fear to love. How has the cross transformed your fears into love? Is there still work to do in your life? Share and discuss how the cross becomes the instrument to change your fear of loss into love for Christ.

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