Why Celebrate the Cross?

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Sermon Synopsis: Why do we celebrate the cross? Why do Christians sin countless numbers of songs about the cross? Why do most churches have crosses inside their chapels? Why do Christians wear necklaces of the cross? Listen to find out why we celebrate the cross as Pastor Andrew preaches from John 19:17–27.

Application Questions:

1. Jesus became our substitute in order to reconcile us to the Father. Why does John highlight the image of Jesus taking Barabbas’ place? Have you ever thought about the cross in terms of substitution? Explain how this concept impacts the way you think about the cross?

2. Jesus became our sacrificed king in order to reconcile us to the Father. How is Jesus our king by dying on the cross? How does this differ from normal ways kings reign? What are the implications that Jesus is our king who reigns on a cross? What does the cross tell us about how we are to respond to Christ?

3. Some people respond with indifference to the cross. Why do you think it is so dangerous to be familiar with the cross? Have you ever gone through a time where the cross didn’t shock you? How can we make the cross remain fresh and new so that we don’t become indifferent?

4. Some people are impacted by the cross. When Jesus speaks to his mother and John, why does John highlight this scene? What kind of love does Jesus display on the cross towards his mother? What about towards John? What about towards his enemies? How does Jesus’ love influence and impact the way we love other people? Explain and share.

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